Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

Richmond Teachers for Social Justice
October 19, 2013
Holton Elementary School
Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Teachers for Social Justice is a group of educators and allies dedicated to creating a just, democratic, sustainable and caring society through education, solidarity and social action. Our membership includes public and private PK-12 teachers, pre-service teachers, university faculty, adult educators, parents, students, community workers and anyone interested in working for social justice in education.

The Richmond Teachers for Social Justice is seeking proposals for its first annual Curriculum Fair to be held Saturday, October 19, 2013 at Holton Elementary School, 1600 West Laburnum Avenue, Richmond, VA  23227.

We are seeking proposals for 75-minute presentations.  Each presentation should be participatory in nature, with at least 30 of the 75 minutes designed for an interactive activity. All workshops should include at least some inquiry based, participatory, and/or interactive components.  Each presentation should address one or more of the following:  Promoting democracy; multi-cultural education; social, racial or economic justice.

We are seeking instructional strategies that work at all educational levels from early childhood to post-secondary.  We encourage content that will meet the diverse needs of all students: cultural, economic, language, learning, special needs.  We also strongly encourage presentations that address community, family, and school engagement.


  • Concurrent sessions will be one hour and thirty minutes in length.
  • Sessions may be offered more than once during the Fair.
  • Preference will be given to proposals that are interactive in nature.
  • Please type or print clearly.
  • The title and description should accurately reflect the content, activities, and outcomes of your session.
  • Submit a one-page document that describes your workshop in detail, including the activities that will be used and the issues that will be addressed.
  • Provide a 50-word description that can be used in the program.
  • Certificates will be provided to presenters for submission to their school system for up to 45 licensure renewal points.

Deadline for submitting proposals: September 1, 2013.

Presenters will be notified in mid-September whether they have been chosen to present at the Curriculum Fair.

TSJ Presenter Proposal Form for 2013 Curriculum Fair

October 19, 2013

Proposal Deadline: September 1, 2013

  1. Primary Presenter (Proposal submitted by):





Telephone  (      )                     E-mail Address                                

  1. Title and Description (50-word maximum)





  1. Attach your one-page workshop description to this form.
  1. Audience:

____ Early Childhood  ____ Elementary  ____ Middle  ____ Secondary

____ Post-secondary  ____ All levels

  1. Secondary Presenters (Please list all secondary presenters but do not list them as secondary presenters unless you have a definite commitment that they will present with you.)





Telephone  (      )                                            

E-mail Address                                                        

  1. AV needs.  Note AV equipment may need to be supplied by the presenter.  Details to follow when presenters are notified. ________________________________________________________

Please email this document to: by September 1, 2013

Thank you for submitting a proposal for the 2013 TSJ Curriculum Fair!

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