Response to Recent Events in Parkland, Florida

Richmond Teachers for Social Justice is deeply concerned and frustrated towards our government’s response to the tragic recent events in Parkland, Florida. We believe schools and classrooms should be spaces where children feel emotionally and physically safe, significant, and cared about. We believe thoughts and prayers are not enough. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the leaders from the school district, city, state, and federal government to develop clear policies that protect students from any harm. To be specific, RVATSJ believes our nation’s gun laws should be stricter to keep our schools safe. Additional funds from the school district should be allocated to equip schools with mental and emotional health services including school counselors and nurses. If you are a teacher searching for ways to cope, ways to act, or resources to share with your students, below, we have attached several from sources we trust.

RVATSJ will be having a general meeting, including a breakout session on Thursday, March 1st at 6:30pm. This session will be a space for teachers to get together, share experiences and resources, and process the recent events in Florida and elsewhere.
March for Our Lives in Washington, DC – Everytown
National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools
Enough! National School Walkout – Women’s March
For Adults: Healing And Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) 3-day Basic Trauma Healing workshop for adults – Richmond Peace Education Center (3/2 – 4For more information and to register, email name, address and phone number to

Hold our representatives accountable!!!
Contact Senator Kaine
Contact Senator Warner
Contact Congressman McEachin

When Bad Things Happen – Teaching Tolerance
Discussing “The Mental Health Issue” After Parkland
Responding to Trauma in Your Classroom – Teaching Tolerance
Resources for Talking and Teaching about the School Shooting in Florida – NYTimes
Teaching in Times of Crisis – Vanderbilt Center for Teaching
David Berliner Calls for a National Teachers’ Strike on May Day to Demand Sensible Gun Laws


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