Richmond Teachers for Social Justice Endorses Gary Broderick for 7th District School Board

Richmond Teachers for Social Justice (RTSJ) is a group of educators and allies dedicated to creating just, democratic, sustainable, and equitable schools. Our work is focused on elevating voices of teachers whose perspectives have been missing from debates about education and education policy, and confronting inequitable practices in education. Today, RTSJ is excited to endorse Gary Broderick for Richmond Public Schools’ 7th District School Board!

Around the country, communities and educators have lost control of the power to make crucial decisions about their schools and their students to corporate reformers and their allies in elected office.

As Gary explains, “These moves happen at the expense of the political voice and power of those who will be directly affected by decision-making: often communities of color and teachers.” RTSJ is proud to support Gary’s campaign because, like RTSJ, his vision for Richmond Public Schools is based on renewing the democratic engagement of citizens and educators in school governance. One of RTSJ’s core principles is to promote teachers’ voices on issues of educational equity within schools and other public forums, and Gary has exemplified this principle since he arrived in Richmond. He has played a vital role in supporting teachers’ and advocates’ efforts to defend public education, primarily as it relates to the school board asserting its power in educational decision making. He stood with us as we fought to amend the Richmond Education Compact to safeguard Richmond Public Schools’ authority over schools, supported us as we advocated for the School Board to present a needs-based budget to the city, and has helped us realize the importance of, and power in, organizing. Gary understands the importance of educating ourselves, and then organizing to impact change, and his leadership on the school board is necessary to restoring the power of teachers and communities in Richmond.

Another core principle that RTSJ strives toward is to strengthen the bonds of neighborhoods and school communities through outreach to individuals, groups, and organizations. This is one of the core tenets of Gary’s campaign. He believes that when people are brought into community with others, and when communities work toward a common vision, anything is possible. WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER.


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