RVATSJ Welcomes Mr. Kamras

Members of Richmond Teachers for Social Justice went to the School Board meeting on Monday, February 5th to introduce our organization to our new Superintendent, Jason Kamras. During the public comments portion, we read him parts of our position statements. We look forward to continue working with Mr. Kamras and the rest of the school board…… Continue reading RVATSJ Welcomes Mr. Kamras

RVATSJ Statement Meals Tax Statement

The enemy of good policy is perfect policy. While the Mayor’s meal tax increase is by no means a perfect solution, we believe that it is a significant emergency step in an effort to improve Richmond Public Schools. Unfortunately, past administrations at the city, regional, and state level have not taken the necessary steps to…… Continue reading RVATSJ Statement Meals Tax Statement

Teaching for Social Justice

by Jessica Shim Last August, a group of white supremacists marched on the lawns and streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, and chanted things like, “Jews will not replace us,” “Blood and soil,” and “White lives matter.” They were carrying torches, Confederate battle flags, and German Nazi flags. They terrorized the streets and turned Charlottesville into a…… Continue reading Teaching for Social Justice

Unitive Education Workshop June 26-30

Message from Sylvia Clute, President Alliance for Unitive Justice Teachers for Social Justice: Knowing of your interest/commitment to schools that provide a joyful adventure in learning, instead of a system based on hierarchy and punishment, you may be interested in a “unitive education” workshop that Laurie Koth and I are offering the last week in June.…… Continue reading Unitive Education Workshop June 26-30

Update: Chesterfield County to Reduce ELL Class Sizes

Today the Richmond Times Dispatch has reported that Chesterfield County school leaders are supporting a plan that will add 28 full-time positions for English Language Learner classes. This is reassuring news, after the March 17 article reporting some troubling remarks about immigrant students from Dorothy Jaeckle, Chesterfield County’s top political leader. In response to that article, the Richmond Teachers for…… Continue reading Update: Chesterfield County to Reduce ELL Class Sizes