RVATSJ at #MarchforOurLives

Richmond Teachers for Social Justice members marched in Richmond, VA and Washington, DC to fight against gun violence in schools and in our communities. We were reminded once again of how all forms of oppression are intersectional and that we cannot talk about gun violence without talking about all the innocent Black lives that have…… Continue reading RVATSJ at #MarchforOurLives

March 1 Meeting

RVATSJ will be having a general meeting, including a breakout session on Thursday, March 1st at 6:30pm. We will be discussing our 2018 position statements, work we have been doing for the past few months, and opportunities for involvement. The breakout session will be a space for teachers to get together, share experiences and resources,…… Continue reading March 1 Meeting

Response to Recent Events in Parkland, Florida

Statement Richmond Teachers for Social Justice is deeply concerned and frustrated towards our government’s response to the tragic recent events in Parkland, Florida. We believe schools and classrooms should be spaces where children feel emotionally and physically safe, significant, and cared about. We believe thoughts and prayers are not enough. Therefore, it is the responsibility…… Continue reading Response to Recent Events in Parkland, Florida